About Us

We are a team of qualified surveyors, digital templates and stone installers. All of our team members have over 10 years experience within the stone industry, working for well-known kitchen studios, designers and building contractors. We specialize in stone processing from template visit to the installation of the final product. The digital template give our customers the assurance that their product will be cut precisely to suit the space as per their order. We specialize in a natural and man-made stone. We can source and supply most of the granites, marbles, and quartz. STONEGUYS delivers a full service inc template, production, delivery, and installation.

Our product range includes:

And many more.

We also offer worktop repair service. This Includes:


  • chip repair
  • silicone bead replacement
  • akemi joint repair
  • alteration of existing worktops
  • stain removal

Shall you consider the stone worktops to your kitchen, or have them already but would like
to alter the existing layout, or if you require assistance with anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch via website contact form.

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