How to care about granite worktops

Granite worktops look noble, unique and classy. With their amazing beauty, they add elegance to any interior. However, for granite countertops to remain unchanged for many years, you need to properly care for them. Regular care and compliance with certain rules regarding their use turns out to be crucial. Do you have a granite countertop at home? Learn how to proceed and what to categorically avoid.

Care of granite countertops, delicacy above all

Granite worktops require gentle treatment, so wipe them daily with a soft cloth moistened in warm water with a small amount of washing up liquid. The mentioned detergent will effectively remove dirt, but will not negatively affect the structure of the stone worktops. After thoroughly washing the dirt, wipe the surface of the countertop dry and polish it with a glass cleaner (choose an alcohol-containing agent) and a microfiber cloth. Of course, instead of using dishwashing liquid, you can reach for stone care products. They are completely safe and free of substances that could tarnish or damage the top layer of stone. Also remember to remove stains from food or drinks immediately after they arise, and carry out impregnation once a year. You can do it yourself. Cleaning a granite worktop is not complicated. Begin work by thoroughly cleaning and drying the countertop. Then, using a brush or cloth, spread the liquid on its surface, let it dry, and finally polish the worktop with a dry cloth and it’s ready!

What to avoid when taking care of granite kitchen tops?

You already know how to care for granite kitchen worktops, so now we will explain what to avoid so as not to harm them. Granite deteriorate under the influence of acids (e.g. formic, citric, acetic, hydrochloric), so beware of them like fire. Do not use care products containing them and do not leave the food on the worktop in which they appear (this applies mainly to citric acid). Also, do not allow the stone to come into contact with bleaches, engine oils, gasoline, nail polish remover or baking soda, because they can permanently and irreversibly damage it. Under no circumstances should you clean your granite worktop with rough sponges, cut directly on it, or move heavy objects over it so as not to scratch it. Also, avoid placing hot pots directly on top of it, which, when combined with dishwashing liquid, can result in discoloration. As you can see, taking care of granite worktops is not difficult. All you have to do is remember the aforementioned tips, sensitize your household members and take care of regular, but also gentle, dirt removal. Then they will repay you with a great look for a long time.


  • Avoid cleaning products that contain all types of acids, including phosphoric, citric, formic, acetic and hydrochloric acid. These acids are usually contained in liquids intended for cleaning surfaces on which limescale appears. After contacting a granite or marble slab with such acid, the surface becomes dull and stops shining.
  • You have to be careful of all types of bleaches, which, due to the sodium chloride they contain, cause adverse color changes. This mainly applies to marble worktops.
  • It is relatively safe to use dishwashing liquids, but this method is not recommended either. A trace amount of liquid that will remain on the countertop will cause the hot dish placed on the countertop to leave a permanent discoloration.
  • Water is safe for marbles, but it is important that it is not distilled or mineral, as it may leave dark discoloration.
  • Products that are neutral to marbles are those whose pH is 7. This is especially important because agents with a pH of 5.5 can permanently damage the structure of the stone.
  • Avoid liquids that contain silicone oils, usually glass cleaners or furniture care liquids. Although they will not permanently damage the stone countertop, they will leave behind unpleasant streaks that are difficult to remove.
  • Products especially dangerous for stone surfaces are furnace cleaning products, containing baking soda and potassium liquor. Unfortunately, they can permanently destroy the stone coating.
  • Granite and marble worktops also do not tolerate substances such as: gasoline, nail polish remover, etc., because these permanently destroy the stone

To effectively care for granite worktops or marble worktops, only use products specially designed for this. There are many products on the market that are created especially for users of granite and marble surfaces. What’s more, their regular use deepens the color of the stone.

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