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Happiness is a small house with a big kitchen – quoting Alfred Hitckcock. Pointing a kitchen as the center point of the home is proof for lots of wisdom, life experience and a true passion for cooking. Every single inch of this place requires careful planning and using only the best solutions available on the market. Same for worktops – definitely the most exposed furniture in your kitchen.

Consider your worktop

Worktops are being tested every single day – warm liquids, persistent sediment, oily stains and many other dirt may cause damage. Not only chemical substances may destroy your worktop – mechanical damages, such as knife scratches or placing a heavy object can also seriously affect furniture condition. Because of that should you carefully choose your worktop not only to match your interior, but also to provide the best solutions to your culinary demandings. Quartz worktops Essex knows how to better up your kitchen.

Why quartz?

As a result of long standing experience and following the interior trends, we are pleased to offer our finest hand-made quartz worktops. Professionally crafted and made of the best components, quartz worktops Essex will decorate your kitchen, creating comfy and durable workspace. There are numerous reasons why quartz is the best choice for various households:

  • Resistance: quartz is a heat-resistant, non-scratch and durable structure, thus it is considered as one of the best resources to manufacture worktops.
  • Non-absorbing structure: thanks to non-porous structure, quartz does not absorb any problematic liquids, such as boiling water, tea and oil.
  • Easy to maintain: no need to use strong chemicals; wet cloth and soft kitchen cleaner or soap is enough to keep your quartz worktop perfectly clean.
  • Aesthetic look: quarts will perfectly match multitude interior designs: classical, eclectic, minimalistic, craftsman, farmhouse and industrial to name just a few.

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