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No matter of how good you are at your trade, no matter what efforts you put to achieve your goals, in a modern world, where expectations and demands are high, a use of latest technology has irreversibly become a must in all the industries.

Therefore, at StoneGuys we are obligated to follow up on use of latest machinery and production techniques to provide our customers with best possible quality and stunning final effect of end product.

All our products, regardless of edge profile and difficulty of shapes and cutouts, are produced on latest robotic machinery and CNC to provide size accuracy and to give our customers the assurance that every piece of stone is always a faithful copy of a template, a bespoke piece of art for their property.

Nothing has changed since year 2009 when we first started. We take same pride in what we do, where no job is too small, nor too big, where quote request means more than another project, we call it a passion.

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